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A worldwide provider of Internet Telephony and data networking solutions, NSG data delivers a high-performance scalable product suite. Service providers, corporations and carriers rely on NSG for core to edge solutions.

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Award winning Voice over IP Products. Details

Data Switch Products. Details

Cell Site Optimization Products. Details

Telex and Data switches. Details

Legacy protocol concentrator. Details

Airturbo wireless communication system. Details

Coax / Twinax patching products. Details

Cat5 / RJ-45 patch panels. Details

Openroute/Proteon routers. Details

Broadband network switching. Details

Data encryption and Network security. Details.

Netrix VoiP airport communications solution. Details

Netrix Voip call centre solution. Details

NSGDatacom banking solutions. Details

Netrix transaction network solution. Details

Tellenor satellite Telex solution. Details

The Network Exchange 2200 series are award winning Internet Telephony platforms that delivers the benefits of voice, fax and wide area networking together with multi-protocol data support to enterprises and service providers alike.


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